Aw, shucks.

This week we have a couple of nods to mention and great photos to share from past events.

Every once in a while, you just need to show a little self love right? We’re a service driven company and we love you, so naturally when we’ve got some excited clients we’re gonna talk about it.

Just look at the smiles on these folks. Are they satisfied customers or what?

We offer many unique options including our albums and merchandise available for purchase through our website. As always, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible service and pricing. We are the most affordable booth rental company in Chicago and invite you to let us make the most of your event.

Our portable booths make for a much easier transport and set up. The good news?  This greatly decreases the cost to our clients. Our booths are also much larger than a traditional booth, allowing up to 10 people to be in the photograph! Now that’s a lot of cheesin’.

We’re the best option for your corporate event or party. Hands down. We offer unlimited 2 x 6  photo sessions. Yes, unlimited. Your guests may go through the photo booth as many times as they would like during your contracted time. Your satisfaction is our success and personalized service is always so much better right? That’s why we offer a booth attendant throughout the entire event to assist your guests.

Our packages start as low as $399, so what are you waiting for? Put down that sandwich and make our phone ring.

Ok, I promise we’re done gloating now.

Onto our favorite part–thank you to all of our clients. Thank you, thank, thank you, a million times over. You keep us striving to be the best possible photo booth service we can be.

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